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There are many ways to create artistic brushes for use in the Adobe®
Illustrator® 9.0 Brushes palette. The easiest, of course, is to load the
Artistic Brushes Libraries found on the application CD. There you will
find quite a selection of artistic brushes. Read no further if you found
the brush you need. But, for those of you who might like to customize a
brush a bit more, read on. In this tip we will learn how to use Adobe®
Photoshop® brushes and paths to create a more organic-looking brush to
use in Illustrator.

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  • C 复制。
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  1. Open a new file:

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Launch Photoshop, and open a new file roughly 80 x 275 pixels, 72ppi,
with a transparent background. 2. Set paintbrush tool options:

Select the paintbrush tool. In the paintbrush options, make sure the
mode is Dissolve (this will give us a rougher edge), 100% opacity, and
no fade. If you have a stylus, Size should be checked. (In this next
step it’s helpful to have a stylus to give you more flexibility with
pressure sensitivity.) Show the Brushes palette, and select a medium
feathered brush.

In the Display and Cursors preferences, you can set how you would like
your cursor to view. In this example, we’ve selected Painting Cursors to
view as Brush Size.

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  1. Draw a stroke

Make sure your colors are set to default black and white by pressing the
D key. Next, while holding down the Shift key, drag to draw a straight
line. Remember, if you are using a stylus, you may want to vary the
pressure to get thick and thin strokes. Now, this stroke might be just
as you’d like, but we’re going to finesse it a bit to obtain a charcoal
look once it’s back in Illustrator.



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